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Our goal: to ensure that all of the events we organize are unique and memorable and to make sure that our website showcases only the best events and entertainment for you.

Our mission: to provide the right kind of leisure activities and to help people discover more and more new experiences and emotions; to encourage diving head-first into a whirlpool of all kinds of entertainment or the opposite – spending a quiet time in a mysterious and cozy forest environment.

Our vision: we believe that people who have managed to distance themselves from fake attention and insincere advertisements will choose what is real and unrehearsed. That way we will all be happier!

Our values: uniqueness, professionalism, quality, emotional sincerity, your time and feedback.

Eventum Group: an event organizing team that is experienced, energetic, creative and is bursting with ideas. We provide the right kind of leisure and create events which are unique, full of real emotion and give you an unforgettable impression.

Working together with lots of trustworthy partners all over Lithuania, we guarantee quality service, reasonable prices and a smooth realization of any event. We organize company events, personal parties, student send-off parties, team games, and we provide you with routes and travels around Lithuania. We also do non-profit, public, free and most importantly – the right kind of events.

Entertainment Guru, the green crocodile: our symbol, a real expert of the right kind of leisure. Following his recommendations in this website, you will be able to choose the best event for the evening or a cozy place for dinner or a drink. The Guru checks and carefully selects the best, most unique party spots, activities, cafes and bars for you, gifts invitations to the highest quality events, and the best festivals in Lithuania in the summer through his Facebook page.

Find the right kind of activities together with Eventum Group and Entertainment Guru!