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Artoteka: Interactive Art Gallery

Price:  from 50 Lt/person;
Number of participants:  from 1 person;
Duration: from 2 hrs;
Available times: arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking;
Season: all;
Clothing: comfy, casual, suitable for leisure time;

Hobbies, entertainment, self-realisation, creativity, liberation of imagination - all this awaits you as you enter through the doors of Artoteka. You will be taught by real experts whose professionalism is combined with good emotions. In this art area you‘ll find a vast variety of activities for you and your friends, such as: Batik, Bonsai, Camera Obscure, Decoupage, Ebru, Photography, Fractals drawing, Kaleidoscope, Ceramics, A contact improvisation, Dolls and puppets, Soap manufacturing and more. The Eventum Group team will help to implement all this in your chosen location. 
EG note:  Artoteka is an interactive art gallery for your self-expression and creativity. In here, all your secret wishes come true and your hidden talents reveal themselves... And it is true - one of my wishes did come true in here; I made myself a little green crocodile doll - an actual copy of me! True masters in this workshop helped me to make my doll as real as possible. So if you wish to have something beautiful and, most importantly, made with your own hands, this place is just for you.
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From 50 Lt (15 EU)



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