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Canoeing in Vilnius City

Price: from 69 Lt (20 Eur);
Number of participants: 1-8 people;

Duration: 1-2h
Available times: 
arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking
Season: summer, begining of May - end of September;

Clothing: warm or wind-proof clothing, footwear that allows to go into the water;
On the map: you are the route-master!


Why not see Vilnius from the point of view of the River Neris that crisscrosses our beautiful capital city? Board a 6-metre long canoe and take off on a city/wilderness trip on the water! Four people can easily fit into one canoe; it's easy and super fun. We can meet at any place of your convenience where I will pick you up - and I can bring you back if you wish, or you can use your own transport. Give me a call and we can discuss the details - the duration of your trip, your route, everything. See you on the shores of Neris?

EG note: Long distances are really not necessary for experiencing the joys of travel. Long distances are often exhausting. I think it's time to enjoy shorter ones!

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From 20 EU per canoe

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