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Expedition 30 5 9

Price: negotiable for groups;
Number of participants: no less than 10 persons;
Duration: expedition – 6hrs; full – 8hrs;

Available times: weekdays at 9:45 or 10:20; arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking;
Season: April- November;
Clothing: comfy, casual, suitable for active leisure time + an extra pair of socks;

On the map: Žalgiris village. Vievis eldership. Elektrėnai county.

Advantages: An unusual, rather long and not-at-all-boring trip. Active tasks, some time to unwind, and a non-traditional program - it all fits together in this one trip. If you want to build up your team, encourage cooperation, creativity, trust, initiation and team-working skills among the members, this program is perfect. When you reach your expedition goal, the village of secret Natives, welcoming and hospitable tribesmen will be waiting for you. This visit will reveal the colourful culture of the natives - its traditions and even some peculiarities of its cuisine. 
EG note: from the beginning, the goal to find the „Cross-peeing dogs‘ tribe“ village, untouched by civilization, hidden deep in the forest, guaranteed us some unforgettable memories.  We went on a train, walked, then sailed on the river Nemunas, always expecting some more adventures, always guessing our future challenges. During this expedition we learned about the natives' culture and, with the help of hints, collected some Indian gold... But most of, all we had a great time and came back as an unshakable team!
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Zalgiris, Elektrenai district