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Husky sled rides

Price: from 35 Lt(20 Eur)/person, from 100Lt (29 Eur) for a family;
Number of participants: from 1 person;
Available times: on weekdays, arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking;
Season: until December 1;
Clothing: comfy, warm;
On the map: Zalgiris village. Vievis eldership. Elektrenai district.

Huskies are exceptional dogs and they will create many unforgettable moments for your children and for your whole family. You‘ll visit a husky farm, spend some time with the dogs and their owners, you'll learn to harness the dogs and to use sports equipment. After a brief but comprehensive instruction, during which you will get to know how to interact with your barking “drivers”, when to stop the sled and how to behave in different situations, everyone will have an opportunity to steer the dog sled. You‘ll go on a trip through the Neris Regional Park, led by your fuzzy new friends, the huskies. And not only that - many other homestead treats will be waiting for you to make your time even more enjoyable.

EG note: I have always enjoyed playing with dogs, but the moments spent with huskies took my love for dogs to a brand new level. My time spent with these furry friends charged me with positive thoughts for the whole week, and although the day was a bit cold and gloomy, my mood was brightened as soon as one of those little blue-eyed fellows gave me his paw. The owners of the huskies were just as friendly as their little buddies - they invited us to warm ourselves with a cup of tea by the fireplace in their beautiful ethnographical homestead. A wonderful experience overall, for humans and crocodiles alike! 
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From 20 EUR per person

For EG movement participants


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Žalgirio kaimas, Vievio seniūnija, Elektrėnų savivaldybė