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Quadricycle Safari

Price: 320 Lt/person.;
Number of participants: from 1 person;
Duration: 1,5 hrs;
Available times: arrival date and time is arranged on the day of booking;
Season: all;
Clothing: comfy, casual, suitable for active leisure time;
On the map: Trakai district, Aukstadvaris eldership

Whether you're looking for an active family weekend, or an evening on a motorcycle after a long day's work at the office, you'll be very welcome here. Safaris take place both in the summer and winter; and remember - a quadricycle safari is not complete without a relaxing reflection session by the fire, where you and your mates, friends and family can share experiences, pictures, and comments. Just make sure you grab some food to cook on the fire before you go!

EG note: It was a real experience to ride this quadricycle. A wild rush while catching the wind, a constant guess what hill, pit, trench is waiting ahead - it all challenged my stamina. Adventure and a good dose of adrenaline was felt not only by me, but by all my buddies as well, who managed to finish the route first. After the ride we found ourselves cosily tucked around the fire, sharing fresh memories from the exciting experience. We had a great time! 

Note: Safari is not organised when there is too much snow!

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320 LTL (93 EU) for one person (one motorcycle)

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Trakai region, Aukstadvaris ward, Lithuania