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Sailing: a harmony of wind and water

Price: from 200 Lt;
Number of participants: 6-40 persons;
Duration: from 3 hrs;
Available times: all week long;
Seasons: summer, end of May- begining of September;
Clothing: full outfit is given;


If you already know how to sail, you can just rent the gear and get straight to sailing; however, if you are still a beginner, there are many options you can choose from. One of the options is a weekend camp for beginners, after which you‘ll have a chance to get all the gear for free for one hour of sailing in Elektrenai Lagoon during your chosen summer weekend. Lessons are given by qualified instructors who love their job, and a good company and great atmosphere are also guaranteed, as well as thorough advice and full assistance during sailing experience. If the weather is toasty, there will be a place to cool yourself and your drinks, and if you struggle to reach the coast, a motor boat will safely bring you back to shore!

EG note: After trying out paragliding, I decided to try to feel the breeze in my hair while taming the wind on the water - and it was absolutely amazing! Maybe not as easy as it looked, but it was worth the effort. I was afraid that bad weather could spoil my whole experience but the instructors were right - ‘sailing enchants people and there’s no bad weather for it. The wind is blowing - let’s go!’ 
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1 course from 200 Lt (58 EU)

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Elektrenai Lagoon or any other water