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Secrets of Vilnius

Price: from 40 Lt/pp (12Eur), from 240 Lt (70Eur) for groups;
Number of participants: 6-20 people;
Available times: arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking;
Season: all;
Clothing: comfy, casual;
On the map: We meet here


We offer you three types of excursions:

Brothels of the Past - Stories upon stories about the long history of sex work in Vilnius. Did you know, for example, that as far back as the 19th century Vilnius already had its own Red Light district? Or that prostitution was legal in Vilnius and that cocaine was as easy to find then as beer is today? This and many more interesting facts on the Brothels of the Past walk are awaiting you.

Only Death Will Tear Us Apart - What are most of the world's best stories about? Love, of course! On this tour we will discuss the most famous and intriguing love stories of Vilnius, the couples of love and hate, and their tragic fate.

Crime and Punishment - On the Crime and Punishment tour you will find out more about the dark side of the people of Vilnius. Crime has always existed here as elsewhere, and so has punishment. Which has historically been more creative, more brutal, and completely mind-boggling? We will visit places of imprisonment, hear about death penalties, find out which job was best-paid in the Middle Ages and many other interesting facts.

EG note: Come on a tour with Mistera, the guard of Vilnius' darkest secrets, a woman who only shares them while hiding her face beneath a mask. She also recommends you hide yours, too - stay mysterious as the city you're visiting is.

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From 15 EU per person, from 70 EU for the group