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Shooting from bows and arbalets

Price: negotiated depending on the number of people, types of entertainment and friendliness:);
Number of participants: not limited;
Duration: from 1 hour;
Available times: 
arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking;
Season: all;
comfy, casual, suitable for active leisure time;
On the map: Kaisiadoriai district, Palomene eldership, Kaspariškes


It’s new, interesting and exciting... Professional equipment, experienced instructors, high quality targets and wonderful nature are all waiting for you in Laukysta. Nowadays, these guns are not necessary for our survival anymore, but wouldn’t you be interested to learn how to use them? And after intensive tournaments and contests, why not hop in a hot outdoors tub and relax in a traditional sauna...
EG note: When I was staying in „Laukysta“ and trying all those shooting activities, I felt like I became Robin Hood and travelled back in time to those days when bows and arrows were not only the main hunting instruments, but also irreplaceable survival tools with which hunters could bring food back home. Adrenaline rushed through my crocodile veins as soon as I picked up a bow, and I could not stop due to my immense desire to hit the most targets. Of course, I won! ;) The best part was bonding with my friends and sharing all my expertise in a warm sauna- very crocodilian and very relaxing.
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From 35 Lt (6 EU) per person

For EG movement participants


Kaspariskes, Kaisiadorys, Lithuania