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Swamps and other natural sights in Lithuania

Price: from 30 Lt per person.;
Number of participants: 1 and up;
Duration: as agreed upon;
Available times: arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking;
Season: any season;
Clothing: comfy, casual clothing and footwear suitable for active leisure time;



There are so many beautiful natural sights in Lithuania: we have places which can only be found in some parts of the world - it‘s our swamps, marshes and other similar natural sights. They attract tourists for their uniqueness, beauty, and even adrenaline. During this tour you‘ll see a masterpiece created by nature, walk through it and test your bravery, even on the easiest routes. After the sightseeing tour you‘ll have a possibility to relax and share some joyful memories of your „swamp-experience“  in one of the beautiful homesteads.


EG note: This time, I want to invite you to visit my home - the swamps. Every day I am surrounded by extraordinary nature, paths full of adrenaline, and unique plants, and I‘m really looking forward to showing you all that, and even more. After the tour I would recommend to stay at one of my good friend‘s homestead, where you can relax and warm up in a sauna or a hot tub. Believe me, this activity will leave you all excited, full of happy memories, positive energy and a wish to come back for more!

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From 10 EU per person

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