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Traditional Lithuanian Dolls

Price: 7 lt(2 EU)/ for adults, 5 lt(1,5 EU)/ for children;
Number of participants: 25 
Duration: around 1 h;
Available times: arrival date and time is agreed upon on the day of booking;;
Seasons: all;
Clothing: comfy, suitable for leisure activities;
On the map: Vilniaus st. 6, Zagare


A visit to the historical village of Žagarė and an educational programme about its unique hand-made doll collection. The historical village of Žagarė is host to probably Lithuania's most extensive hand-made doll collection. The exhibition provides an historical understanding of how this craft developed over the years, as well as serves as a reminder of what toys looked and felt like before the mass-produced ones took over. There's also a local Doll Post Office from which visitors are invited to send postcards back home to their loved ones.


EG note:  I wanted to brighten up my day so I‘ve decided to visit a historical town called Žagarė and the doll house they have! The doll house host Aušra invited me to make a doll. After listening for some stories on how our ancestors used to make dolls and for some tips on how to do it, I made one myself. Wrapped it and left until Christmas- this doll will be the best handmade present my little cousin has ever received.  

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Zagare, Lithuania