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Yacht sailing

Price: from 100 Lt (29 Eur) for group;
Number of participants: up to 8 persons;
Duration: sailing 1-3 h;
Available times: arrival date and time is arranged on the day of booking;
Seasons: from May to October (season may change);
Clothing: depends on weather, shoes - with light shoe sole;
On the map: M. Gimbutienės g. 35, Kaunas




This activity doesn't require any skills, long training hours and is available for everyone - everything is based on your desire! Yacht sailing - is very multi-faced entertainment. You can choose this activity for realaxing, calm and cosy time spending, to leave all your worries and just enjoy Kaunas Lagoon tides. On the other hand, if you want to trade passive recreation to active recreation - you can try to sail the yacht by yourself! But if both these options aren't good enough for you, i.e you don't want to rest calmly and sailing the yacht is an easy thing to do - you have an oppurtunity to try special activity - race! Adrenaline, ardor and unforgettable moments - are guaranteed.  


EG note: it was a time when I, Gena, needed to relax, calm down and enjoy summer sun. I was sailing, drinking lemonade, watching hypnotic Lagoon swell and dreaming a lot. We stopped in town Rumsiskes, visited open-air museum, stretched our legs and learned lots of new things. After wonderfull half-day I reached the shore tanned, relaxed and full of inspiration!   

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from 100Lt (29Eur)

Discount is available for our clients



M. Gimbutienes g. 35, Kaunas