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EG - Your personal travel assistant


1 THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE.  By bus, train, car, or plane? How long does a bus take? Which airlines fly to Lithuania and where will I land? We will check and compare the best deals and do the maths for you. Our advice is based on careful considerations of logistics, timing, and pricing involved.

2 PLANNING ARRANGEMENTS.  You got your tickets, now you need a plan what to do, where to go, how to make the best out of your trip. EG will give you three different options you can choose from.

3 ACCOMMONDATION.  Fancy flat or a hotel room? Five stars or two? A cosy hostel, perhaps? Or even staying with locals for one night? You tell us what you want and we will find you the right place to sleep and leave your luggage at. Anywhere in the country!

4 TRANSPORTATION.  If you decide to drive while in Lithuania, let EG know and he will hire a car for you. He gets good discounts too! Otherwise, if you do not wish to drive or do not possess a valid driver’s licence, EG will happily advise you on local public transport. We have trolleybuses in the cities and their schedules might get confusing. Getting from one city to another is not difficult but if nobody speaks foreign languages in the central train station (they usually do though), EG will help you out.

5 PLACES TO VISIT.  These really depend on your needs and wishes. But since this is probably your first time in the country, you will surely benefit from tailor-made advice. As elsewhere, not every museum is perhaps worthy of your time, but there are some pearls that you really should not miss. We will tell you all about those, and more.

6 ENTERTAINMENT.  Live music gigs, pop-up nights, pub quizzes, secret cinema nights, the best dancing floors – we’ll book you a place in advance, or point out the ones you might enjoy.

7 EAT WELL.  There are places that serve food and there are places that serve good food. We want you to visit the latter and we know where to find them.

ONE EXTRA STEP.  EG will be ready to help you during your trip. If you need to order anything, change your travel plan or adjust the route, just phone your Personal Travel Assistant. It’s that easy.


  1-3 days 4-7 days 8 & more days
  • 1 - 2 people
30 Eur 50 Eur 70 Eur
  • 3 - 5 people
45 Eur 80 Eur 120 Eur
  • 6 - 9 people
80 Eur 120 Eur 150 Eur
All prices do not include VAT.
Driver/Tour Guide accompaniment: 100 Eur (incl. VAT) per day.

To order: 
+370 611 14353 | info@eventumgroup.lt